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Elys Transport's fleet stands as the backbone of our commitment to seamless logistics. With a robust lineup of meticulously maintained trucks, our second-generation family business ensures the safe and efficient transportation of goods across the UK and Europe. Each vehicle in our fleet embodies our dedication to reliability, supported by full insurance coverage and Department of Transport licensing.

3.5t Drop Side Van

Internal Dimensions

Height - 0.86m
Width - 2.1m
Length - 4.3m
Cubic capacity - 7.76m³

3.5t Luton Box Van

Internal Dimensions

Height - 2.12m
Width - 1.91m
Length - 4.12m
Cubic capacity - 16.68m³

7.5t Box

Internal Dimensions

Height - 2.47m
Width - 2.48m
Length - 6.38m
Cubic capacity - 39m³

7.5t FlatBed

Internal Dimensions

Height - 1.1m
Width - 2.4m
Length - 7.12m
Cubic capacity - 18m³

18t Box

Internal Dimensions

Height - 2.42m
Width - 2.46m
Length - 8.46m
Cubic capacity - 50m³

18t Curtainsider

Internal Dimensions

Height - 2.46m
Width - 2.53m
Length - 8.38m
Cubic capacity - 52m³

26t Curtainsider

Internal Dimensions

Height. - 2.5m
Width - 2.54m
Length - 9m
Cubic capacity - 57m³

26t Hiab


Width - 2.5m
Length - 7m
Payload - 6t

26t FlatBed


Payload - 15t
Width - 2.5m
Length - 9.2m

Artic Trailer Flatbed


Height - 1.37m
Width - 2.55m
Length - 13.56m

Artic Trailer Curtainsider

Internal Dimensions

Height - 2.9m
Width - 2.44m
Length - 13.8m
Cubic capacity - 97m³

Artic Trailer Box

Internal Dimensions

Height - 2.5m
Width - 2.42m
Length - 13.5m
Cubic capacity - 82 m³

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